Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ThrowgnCpr's 'Indiana Jones & The Ultimate Quest'

Those of us who weren't lucky enough to catch 'Indiana Jones & The Ultimate Quest' when it was screened on The History Channel last month now have the chance to see this great documentary thanks to ThrowgnCpr's wonderful DVD. Transferred from an HD capture, the main feature runs at 91 minutes and has the following bonus features:

- 3 Theatrical trailers for 'the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'
- 15 TV spots for 'the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'
- Lego 'Raiders of the Lost Brick' short film
- Lego Indiana Jones game trailer
- Lego Indiana Jones toys commercial

It's available on Rapidshare via or at Demonoid following this link.

Thanks to ThrowgnCpr, I managed to obtain a copy of the HD source file and have successfully made a Playstation 3 compatible Mini Blu-Ray (DVD-R) of the program which I may release.

Cheers ThrowgnCpr.

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