Friday, July 20, 2007

bh018: Star Wars: The Making Of The Myth

bh018: Star Wars: The Making Of The Myth

PAL Colour
41 Minutes
Single Layer (4.34GB)
The Making Of The Myth
Star Wars: Unsung Heroes
The Risk Business: Movie
Jim'll Fix It: Visit To Dagobah
Other vintage clips
NO Easter Eggs

bh018 will go out tomorrow with bh017 to all seeders and posters.


bh017: Star Wars: The Magic And The Mystery

Previously only available at Celebration Europe!

bh017: Star Wars: The Magic & The Mystery

PAL Colour
Dual Layer (6.83GB)
The Magic And The Mystery: UK Version
The Magic And The Mystery: US Version
6 Special Edition related clips
NO Easter Eggs

Seeder, poster and complimentary copies go out tomorrow.

bh018 is being QC'ed


Monday, July 16, 2007

MY opinion!

Well, it's been and gone. The first Star Wars Celebration Europe. Now please bear in mind that I only attended on the Sunday. Not the best day for the exhibition i agree but I thought I'd post my views anyway.

The Bad.
1. OK, £23.00 for entry is the going rate for this kind of gig now, but where were the freebies? You got your pass for free, but to then have to pay for the lanyard? How about a free poster, or a goody bag. I went to the Power Of Myth exhibition years ago and they couldn't give you enough stuff. £23.00 for the privilege to spend more money inside. Get it together next time guys. The only freebie I got was a collectors coin and that was sponsored by someone outside Lucasfilm!
2. Food. Rip off.
3. Not enough space. I know it's a huge venue but for the amount of visitors there the vendors section was too cramped, the queues for the main stage were ridiculous, and half the staff had no idea where anything was.
4. Security. 'Nuff said.
5. Steve Sansweet. I saw him (or rather his P.A.) refuse autographs and photos. Fan Relations? Try a bit harder.

The Good.
1. The costumes and props. I'm amazed at how much time guys and girls spend on these things. The effort was appreciated and you all have my respect.

2. DAVE DORMAN. What a great guy and a fabulous artist. Check him out here. He took time to chat to everyone and also had a fantastic piece of CE exclusive art for sale. Did I buy one? Of course I did!

It puts a great twist on the old Stormtrooper/Tusken Raider plot line.

3. The Palitoy Archive. Dave and the guys had a complete collection of the UK line of Star Wars figures originally produced by Palitoy in the late seventies/early eighties. I lot of care and attention went into the display and it was the highlight of my day. Interesting that they had produced a DVD with all of the original commercials. Those Jedi ones looked awfully familiar!
4. Meeting the fans. It's great to get feedback and appreciation of your own work.

If you went I hope you had a great time. Hope to see you next year!


Well done to the 5 lucky recipients of bh017 that I was giving away at Celebration Europe, and to all of you who got to me too late, your copies will be in the post today. It was a pleasure meeting all of you and thank you for your kind words. I never thought I'd actually have to sign anything though. You've probably halved the value of your DVD's by having me scrawl on it. I'll be posting my thoughts on CE later today. Some good. Some bad. Stay tuned.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

bh017 Giveaway!

I'll be at the Star Wars Celebration Europe tomorrow (Sunday) with 5 copies of bh017 to giveaway. How to get one? Look for the Mexican prison tattoo!
See you there!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

bh017 coming soon!

bh017 is complete. QC is done and I'm currently burning 5 DL copies.
I'm not telling you what the content is until next week BUT if you are attending the Star Wars Celebration in London this weekend you'll have a chance to grab one of those 5 copies. I'll be there either on the Saturday or Sunday and I'll give you details soon on how to grab a copy.