Saturday, March 10, 2007

Betamax woes!

As I'm sure you will have noticed, it's been very quiet on the Babyhum blog front. There are a few valid reasons. Namely life, a new Nintendo DS Lite, and finally my Betamax woes.
I've had a Sony Betamax SL-F25 since its release in 1986. Its picture quality still rivals most VHS today. A few weeks ago I decided to dig it out of the cupboard to transfer 'James Cameron: A Director & His Work' for Meedermow's Alien Appendix series of DVD's. Imagine my disappointment when I inserted the cassette and... nothing happened. I discovered a shop via the wonder of Google in Croydon who undertake Betamax repairs. I took it along and left it for its 24 hour health check. Perhaps that should have been post mortem. I was quoted in excess of £600 for parts and repairs. Ouch. Luckily, the shop has just refurbed a Sony SL-F30 (the model up) and it was on offer for a bargain price of £430. Ouch.
I bit the bullet and handed over the cash. So far it has worked fine, and the first transfer (the aformentioned James Cameron doc) has already been delivered to Meedermow (I'm still waiting for his comments, but it looked good to me).
So, to service the community, I am offering to transfer any RELEVANT material from Betamax cassettes to DVD for any upcoming projects. Donations greatly received via Paypal to :)
I'm looking at the possibilty of retransferring the Clapperboard and Horizon shows but will probably not release them but supply the material to anyone needing the footage for any upcoming projects.

bh017 will be released soon... ish.