Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rapidshare releases

Thanks to Engineer, my early releases are available on Rapidshare.
Go to this forum for the links:

Saturday, February 10, 2007

bh016 complete!

Authored, burnt, QC'ed.
Here's the spec:
bh016: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith - The U.K. Premiere
Dual Layer DVD (7.63GB)
Pal Colour
121 Minutes
Mixed aspect ratios
Dolby Digital Sound
• Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith T4 Movie Special
• MTV Total Request Live featuring Hayden Christensen
• News Coverage of the U.K. Premiere of Revenge Of The Sith
• No Easter eggs!

The discs will be sent to DigitalFreakNYC (torrenting), MoveAlong (usenet) and Klokwerk on Monday

bh017 will NOT be the 'Making Of' double disc set. I need something less taxing for my brain next. I'm thinking my capture of Generation Jedi with some fantastic special features (Risk Business, Jim'll Fix It, Newsround etc).

Can I take this opportunity to thank everyone that supports my releases and gets them distributed.


bh013 available at Myspleen!

Here it is. Thanks to DigitalFreakNYC.

SEED, people, SEED!

bh015 distributed!

Thanks to MoveAlong for posting bh015 to alt.binaries.starwars. DigitalFreakNYC will kindly be seeding bh013 on
PLUS, if you missed out on bh001-bh006, boon23 has made them available on Rapidshare.

In other news, I'm doing one final encode for bh016 and then that will go out to distributors on Monday.

Also, anyone in the Australasian locality having trouble obtaining copies of any of the babyhum titles can contact klokwerk via the originaltrilogy forums. He currently has the first nine titles available for PIF and will be receiving the following seven in the next week or so.

And now a question. I'm curious to know how many people actually read this blog. I'm also curious to know if I should post these news items to as well as here. Please leave a comment even if it is to say you read this blog!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's competition time!

You've got to have been on another planet to not know that Jambe Davdar's meisterwerk 'Returning To Jedi' has just been released. It's already a contender for one of the best releases this year (how about an Annual Awards? Best authoring? Best menus? Best artwork? Lifetime achievement?)
In recognition of its release, I'm offering a Dual Layer FIXED DVD of Returning To Jedi to the first person to give me a good enough reason for me to send it to them. Enter via the comment button below.
Well done Jambe!

Monday, February 05, 2007

TV Watch - Bounty TV Commercial

Hopefully the start of a regular series on this blog. Currently airing in the UK is an Anthony Daniels (as C-3PO) voiced commercial for Bounty kitchen towels. The mpeg transport stream comes in at about 14mb and will be included on a future release.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Look at the size of that thing...!

Well the mock-up of the cover for bh017 certainly caused a bit of controversy.
Dual Layer?
PCM Audio?
Here's the latest. I'll be authoring bh016 this week. It will definately be dual layer. It will contain the T4 Celebration Day Special, all of the ROTS premiere clips i recorded, POSSIBLY some commercials and an easter egg or two. Did I mention it would be dual layer?
Then I'll start work on bh017.
You should sit down at this point.

No, really, sit down.

bh017 will be a double dual layer disc set.

Aren't you glad you sat down.

It will include all four classic trilogy documentaries transferred from the remastered Japanese laserdiscs. The transfers were done by myself (for you techies out there I used my Pioneer laserdisc player connected to my Canopus AVC110 via S-Video and gold plated audio cables and captured with Final Cut Pro using the NTSC DV codec and encoded with Apple's Compressor software at the highest possible bitrate).
I don't want to split these titles over four discs as they are quite nice as a set.
Now, how do you get hold of a set this big? MoveAlong will kindly handle a.b.starwars and DigitalFreakNYC has offered to seed at But because of the size of this set I will be offering an extensive PIF scheme. I will be producing approximately 10 sets of bh017. Some will be offered to PIFfers who I deem to be most reliable and ideally geographically located. I'll also offer a set or two as a competition prize.
When the set is complete i'll be taking requests for PIFfers who have access to dual layer burners and media.
More news later.