Saturday, January 27, 2007

bh014 released

Authored. Burnt. QC'ed. It'll be going out to distributors on Monday.

And there's an easter egg on this one too.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

bh014 Sneak Preview

I couldn't resist. bh014 is going through quality control as we speak so i thought i'd tease you with the special features menu. And yes, there is a hidden easter egg.

Monday, January 22, 2007

It's away...again!

Torrent and Usenet copies of bh013 and bh015 were posted to distributors this morning. It should take just shy of a week for them to receive them. bh013 as you all know is my first dual layer disc but it's not the full 8.5GB so don't worry about an extra long download. bh015 may contain some material i've already released (my memory's not serving me too well) but there is a fantastic easter egg on the disc. I KNOW you'll enjoy it. The new transfers of the source material for bh014 were made today and will be encoded this evening. Authoring should take no time at all as it's basically the same template as bh015. I also hope you're getting a decent download speed for bh012!

bh012 available here!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

...and some good news

Metallaxis emailed me this morning. He's sending me copies of bh011 and bh012. But more importantly, he's seeding bh012 starting tomorrow at!

Friday, January 19, 2007

The simpler things...

This is the newer, simpler babyhum cover style. This one happens to be for bh015. I've found that designing the covers that were on previous releases was taking up too much of my precious time, so in order to release more titles more frequently i've decided to simplify things. I can already hear a few of you saying "NOOOO!!!!!" but, I'd rather get more releases out than have to spend most of my time arguing with Photoshop. And anyway, I like the new look.

And as you can also see from the image above, I've let the cat out of the bag regarding bh015 (and probably bh014 & bh016).

I'll be sending bh013 and bh015 out to seeders tomorrow. bh014 and the mighty dual layer bh016 will follow soon after.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Well, bh012 is lost. I cannot contact the two seeders who have the only copies. I REALLY don't want to re-author it. But that's what it may come down to. I'm not going to do it just yet. I'd love the version i've already done to be released as it was the last disc I authored with DVD-Lab Pro.

On that subject, the transition to DVD Studio Pro is nearly complete. The discs are easier to author and Compressor is a great encoder. The downside is the artwork I produce in Photoshop does not translate too well to 16x9 menus. Because of that, the main menu screen will not include the logo as seen on the disc cover. It doesn't look too bad though.

Oh, and bh015 is authored.


Yes bh015 is authored. In fact I'm watching it now. What about bh014? Well, bh014, bh105 and bh016 are a sort of trilogy. And no, they're not the making of documentaries. I'm not telling you what they are but I think you'll like them. The reason I haven't authored bh014 yet is because the preliminary authoring I did had some terrible lip sync issues, so I'm going back to the DV masters and re-encoding them with compressor. bh014 & bh015 will be single layer and bh016 will be dual layer. Unavoidable I'm afraid.

The hope is that my new distributors will recieve bh013, bh014 & bh015 next week. I'll then issue bh012 (if not found) and bh016 a couple of weeks later.

Also, even though I love authoring these discs, I don't like doing the covers. Is there anyone with a good knowledge of Photoshop that would like to take over the task?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

...and now the bad news.

I've just realised that the hard drive that failed on me a few weeks ago had all of the source files for bh011 and bh012. Now bh011 is already out there, but bh012...the only people with copies of that disc are Metallaxis and Segaflip. I've contacted both of them requesting copies so i'll let you know if i hear from them.
Could bh012 become known as the 'Lost Disc'? I hope not.


You read that right! bh013 is complete. Here's the rundown:
It's my first dual-layer disc. I've tested it and it works. QC copies are going out tomorrow. As soon as they are approved the distribution begins.

DigitalFreakNYC is handling the torrenting and MoveAlong I hope is going to handle Usenet.

There will NOT be a single layer release.

There will be no nfo file included on the disc. All the information you need is on the cover. If you have any technical questions regarding my releases, send me a comment here or PM me at

This is my first DVD authored using DVD Studio Pro 4. There are minor cosmetic changes to the look of the disc but nothing noticable.

Work will now proceed on bh014...which will not be the Japanese documentaries. I'm saving those. ;p

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Progress....sort of.

Work on the transfers to DV of the Japanese Making Of documentaries has started. In fact I'm halfway (as you can see from the image above)

Work will continue this week on bh013 (DigitalFreakNYC will be happy to hear that), and i'm using this title to migrate to DVD Studio Pro from DVD-Lab Pro. It may take longer than expected but it's about time i left those legacy Windows applications behind. I also may need some help from a few of you seasoned users, so watch your inboxes!

I also managed to record (using my Topfield) the MPEG streams for the Machine Men documentary on BBC4 (which includes some great BTS footage from Empire and an interview with Anthony Daniels. It might make a future release), and The Culture Show special edition with Steven Spielberg in which George Lucas pops up. I probably wont release it myself but if anyone is doing Spielberg releases let me know and we'll talk about getting you a copy.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


bh013 hasn't progressed much due to the time of year and also the fact that my Mac went in for repairs, so the entire HD was wiped. I have it backed up, I just need to reinstall my software and knuckle down. Shouldn't take too long though. I'm thinking of starting to post my releases on alt.binaries.starwars myself. Just have to look at it logistically.

I've finally got around to buying the Canopus ADVC-110. I intend to import the Japanese 'Making Of' documentaries using it instead of directly encoding them to MPEG-2 with my Panasonic DVD recorder. Using this method i'll have the captures in 720x480 resolution and encoded using DV and be able to encode them seperately using Apple's Compressor software. That opens the door to HD releases of the titles in future ;)

Happy New Year!

I hope all readers of this blog and have a wonderful 2007. It should be an interesting year as regards fan produced Star Wars DVD's being the 30th anniversary. I'm looking forward to seeing a Star Wars night on BBC4 here in the UK. Just think about the possible running order!